To be eligible for a funded induction, ECTs must hold QTS with a valid TRN and have a contract that is likely to last for more than one term.  If an ECT started on a short term supply contract, which extends beyond a term, the school has a responsibility to ensure they can access an ECF Induction.

The key features of our Full Induction Programme for ECTs are:

  • Wherever possible, localised face to face ‘live’ sessions with a consistent facilitator
  • Year 1 - Cross-phase cohorts to broaden understanding of the system as a whole and promote effective transition 
  • Year 2 - Subject/ phase specific cohorts to deepen understanding of the ECTs particular specialism
  • Weekly mentor sessions designed by Deans for Impact to include: observations, feedback and topic discussion
  • Self directed study, broken into manageable weekly sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes
  • Free membership to the Chartered College of Teaching

Time Commitment for ECTs

Year 1

Year 2

Year 1 ECT Modules & Seminars


Seminar 1

Seminar 2

Module 1: How can you create a powerful learning environment? Creating a positive classroom culture that promotes engagement Holding high expectations of all pupils 
Module 2: How do pupils learn? Avoiding working memory overload Building well organised mental models
Module 3: What makes classroom practice effective? Using examples and nonexamples Using examples and nonexamples
Module 4: How can you use assessment and feedback to greatest effect? Structuring questions to anticipate misconceptions Peer and self-assessment
Module 5: How can you support all pupils to succeed? Developing pupil’s language comprehension and writing Adaptive teaching and the graduated approach
Module 6: How can you plan a coherent curriculum? Identifying and sequencing concepts and knowledge Supporting pupils to think critically

Year 2 ECT Development Cycles